Chugach Mountains

Transportation Fly-In-Only Backcountry Lodge

Once in Anchorage, the air taxi strip that services the Chugach Wilderness Lodge is approximately 200 miles or about a four hour drive northeast up the Glennallen Highway to Copper Center. The backcountry lodge is accessed by a short 30 minute air taxi in a Super Cub from Copper Center.

Anchorage to Copper Center - Copper Valley Air Service We suggest renting a car in Anchorage for the beautiful four hour drive along the Glennallen Highway from Anchorage to Copper Center.

Copper Valley Air Service The beautiful air taxi flight into the lodge in a Super Cub airplane is a great opportunity to see wildlife. The air taxi flight is included in the Chugach Wilderness Lodge rate. The air taxi service is approximately $500 per person for the roundtrip flight.

Our favorite trip suggestion is to drive from Anchorage to Copper Center viewing the various glaciers along the drive up. After leaving the Chugach Wilderness Lodge, continue driving along the Richardson Highway over the beautiful Thompson Pass to Valdez. Take a ferry with your car back across the amazing Prince William Sound to Whittier, AK which is only a 2 hr drive from the Anchorage International Airport. See the Alaska Ferry schedule at

The Chugach Wilderness Lodge is not responsible for any complications, expenses, or changes in scheduling, incurred due to bad weather. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.

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